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Understand your body and learn everything about your genes. Take full control of your health, nutrition and physical activity.

Improve the quality of your life with personalised recommendations. Live a better, healthier life with Chromozoom as your guide.

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Learn about your genetic predispositions and receive professional advice. Discover the true potential of your body, and how best to reach it.


Learn what your body needs through detailed DNA analysis within genes linked to taste and nutrition.

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Gain unparalleled insights into your body’s physical capabilities, helping you to realise your true sporting potential.

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Learn about your predispositions to common skin conditions, take steps to ensure healthy, glowing skin.

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Safeguard your sight before the first symptoms of disease appear, and receive personalised eyecare advice help.

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Stop experimenting with cosmetic products and get detailed, personalised skin-care advice.

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Protect that winning smile with this DNA test, designed to help you take care of your teeth.

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