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  • Tested genes: 270
  • polymorphisms: 300+

We all want healthy, glowing skin. But throughout our lives, the skin is exposed to the full force of damaging elements. Thankfully, it’s never too late to take positive steps to protect your skin. This test analyses 300+ genetic markers within 270 genes linked to skin health.

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Meet your best self

Meet your best self

Through your DNA, you can find the best way to protect your skin from the damaging elements around us, from heavy pollution to extreme weather conditions.

All you need is here

All you need is here

Your test reports are continuously updated based on your lifestyle changes. All information is presented in easy-to-read graphical displays via your personal Control Centre.

Continously updated results

Continously updated results

In your Chromozoom Control Centre, you have access to detailed analysis of your DNA results, which we continuously update in line with the latest scientific studies.

Tailor-made for you

Tailor-made for you

Receive personalised lifestyle recommendations based on your DNA analysis. Thanks to the wide range of genes we test, your recommendations will be truly unique.

Dive in your DNA

Dive in your DNA

With the Derma DNA Test, you will receive 9 genetic reports designed to keep your skin looking happy and healthy.

Tame your hormones

Tame your hormones

Many of us are predisposed to hormone-related skin problems such as acne or a hair loss. Once you understand your genetic risk, you can take steps to combat them.

Let your DNA show you

Let your DNA show you

Are you at risk of developing cosmetic defects such as varicose veins or keloid scars? Too young to know? It’s ok, your genes will tell you.

Support your immunity

Support your immunity

Have you inherited certain skin-related immune disorders? We will test you for predispositions towards atopic eczema, irritant contact dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, and vitiligo.

Your privacy is untouchable

Your privacy is untouchable

We guarantee your privacy and data protection in full compliance with GDPR.

We are transparent about the data we collect, store, and use.

To ensure unbreakable anonymity, all personal data is stored separately from your genetic profile.

As a result, no team member can connect you to your DNA sample during the analysis process.

Top level data protection

Top level data protection

We use the latest technologies to prevent and report on data breaches and network attacks.

With real-time data scanning, our system evaluates risks and notifies network administrators about potential issues.

That is why we can guarantee the highest level of privacy, reliability, integrity and data availability for our clients.

Always available

Always available

Our applications are configured across many geographically distributed data centres.

This reduces the risk of both data breaches and technical issues, from uncomfortable slowdowns to momentary unavailability.

Ensuring that your data is always secure and available is our top priority.

No third party sharing

No third party sharing

In cases where we use third-party services that may need access to your personal data.

For example courier companies, we follow a rigorous selection process, ensuring that they comply with strict data protection regulations.

We do not sell, lease, or share client data with any third parties.

Any and all personal data can be destroyed on request.

Reports included in this DNA test:

  • 01

    Atopic dermatitis

    Allergic eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a chronic allergic skin condition that tends to start in early childhood and is up to 75% inherited. If you have eczema, take this test to discover whether your itchy skin is inherited or is down to your lifestyle. In this report, we will test your DNA for variations linked to impaired skin barrier, and allergies (including the IL13 gene, which is implicated in allergic asthma). We’ll help you to choose the best diet, and lifestyle measures to reduce the chances of your allergies deepening into hay fever and asthma.

    You might also be interested in taking our Nutri test too – to rule out any food sensitivities – which tend to run alongside eczema.

    • Tested genes: 32
    • Tested polymorphisms: 34
  • 02

    Irritant contact dermatitis

    Contact dermatitis is when you skin comes in contact with something that provokes itching. If the substance only affects the top layer of skin, that’s called irritant contact dermatitis. And if you get a delayed immune response with antibodies, that’s called allergic contact dermatitis.

    In this report, we will test your genetic risk of developing irritant contact dermatitis. We test for variations in the FLG gene – linked to being literally thin-skinned

    • Tested genes: 3
    • Tested polymorphisms: 3
  • 03


    In this autoimmune problem, your skin cells proliferate too quickly forming red, scaly patches that itch. Underneath the patches, the skin is raw and sensitive and easily bleeds. Psoriasis is between 60% and 90% inherited. And it often flares up as a result of environmental triggers, such as stress, smoking, or changes in hormone levels.

    Take our DNA test to discover whether you’ve got the genes for psoriasis, and to receive our suggestions on the most appropriate treatments, diet, and lifestyle to support your skin.

    • Tested genes: 39
    • Tested polymorphisms: 43
  • 04


    If you get flushing with visible veins on your cheeks and nose after you sunbathe, drink alcohol or eat certain foods – it could be rosacea (roe-ZAY-she-uh). Rosacea affects about one in ten people in Northern Europe, especially the fair-skinned. This condition is 50% inherited – the PP type of rosacea – with small, red, pus-filled bumps – runs in families. Inherited rosacea is linked to autoimmune problems, such as type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

    The cause is not clear, but is linked to enflamed sensory nerves, and to menopausal hot flushes. Your risk increases in line with UV exposure, age and having a less than healthy microbiome (gut flora). In this report, we’ll test your genetic tendency to vasodilation, and suggest ways to protect the delicate blood vessels on your face.

    • Tested genes: 3
    • Tested polymorphisms: 3
  • 05


    With this distressing condition, white patches appear on your face, neck, hands and legs. Although only about 0.2% of the population has vitiligo, more women than men have it and it’s most common in Africans. Vitiligo is up to 72% inherited, and is linked to other autoimmune diseases – such as psoriasis, type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Take this DNA test to discover your genetic risk, and follow our lifestyle advice to both protect and nourish your skin, while supporting your overactive immune system.

    • Tested genes: 46
    • Tested polymorphisms: 54
  • 06

    Keloid scars

    Should you get your tattoo removed or could the laser leave you with a big scar? If you’re having surgery, how big will your scar be? Answer these questions and more by checking your DNA. Keloids are scars that becomes thick, lumpy, raised and larger than the original wound. They happen because the skin produces too much collagen. Anyone can get a keloid scar, but they must have the genes for it.

    We will test your DNA for several genes linked to keloid scarring – which is mostly seen in people with dark skin. Africans have a 4.5% -16% chance of forming keloid scars. We’ll also give tips on how to care for scars to reduce the chance of them developing into keloids, and how to care for any existing keloids.

    • Tested genes: 6
    • Tested polymorphisms: 7
  • 07

    Varicose veins

    About three in 10 adults have tell-tale bluish bumpy and twisted veins on their calves and feet. Varicose veins tend to run in families, but scientists aren’t sure why. In this report we will test three of your genes linked to the elasticity, dilation, and chronic disease of the veins. And we’ll suggest personalised strategies for dealing with painful and unsightly varicose veins.

    • Tested genes: 3
    • Tested polymorphisms: 3
  • 08

    Alopecia androgenetica

    For men only: While it’s often the butt of jokes, progressive hair loss from the scalp – often in circular or patchy bald spots – is a serious business. Male pattern baldness linked to prostate disease and heart disease, and it’s about 50% inherited. In this comprehensive report we will test your DNA for 75 genes that affect your risk of going bald Are you at risk? Catch male pattern baldness early and you will maximise the effectiveness of treatments.

    • Tested genes: 75
    • Tested polymorphisms: 77
  • 09


    While diet and stress are often blamed for acne breakouts, research shows that over 80% of acne is linked to your genes. But it takes our modern lifestyles to switch these genes on. In this report we will check your DNA for 46 relevant genes to determine your overall genetic risk of acne. Although up to 90% of people leading Western lifestyles have at some point experienced acne, it’s much rarer in non-industrialised countries where people live closer to nature.

    If you’re at high genetic risk, we’ll advise you on ways to curb sebum production. Conversely if modern life is the main culprit, we’ll suggest other tactics according to your lifestyle and situation.

    • Tested genes: 46
    • Tested polymorphisms: 49

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User reviews

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Futureproof yourself!

The test I chose (Beauty) showed me exactly what my risk is of getting various skin condition and how my fast my skin will naturally age. In addition to the genetic stuff you also get plenty of tips on how to ‘future-proof’ your skin against the aging process. I had no idea how big an impact diet and other lifestyle choices can have on the way we age! Soooo I guess I need to make some changes now.

Rebecca, Leicester, UK

Slight delay

I was told my test is delayed due to ‘unusually high demand’ but thankfully it only took maybe a week longer than I expected. At least they let me know!

Anders, Lund, Sweden

Health care from the future!

Wow, I never knew you could tell so much from a bit of saliva! Really fascinating insights into the causes of skin problems and aging and how both our genetics and lifestyle can affect them. Also some really useful suggestions for finding the right cosmetic products and even some ideas for home remedies. It’s all very futuristic and scientific in its approach. You certainly won’t get this kind of personalised advice from a doctor!

Anna, Dundee, Scotland

Nice DNA test

Test is good but my results were taking maybe 5 weeks for arrival. But I am happy with results.

Pirjo, Helsinki, Finland

Thoroughly recommended

Being a fitness enthusiast, I was keen to take the Sport test and see what I could learn. The kit arrived fairly quickly and contained all the details and equipment you need to take your sample and return it. When the results finally arrive, I was pleasantly surprised with the detail and scientific approach. The reports look nice and are easy to navigate and they even update your results as scientific knowledge expands. I might try the nutritional test next…

Andrew, London, UK

One for the geeks

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to DNA testing and the potential it has to change our lives. These Chromozoom kits (in my case the Nutri kit) seem to offer something a bit different from competitors in that they focus on the here and now. It’s all about changing your lifestyle for the better based on the information in your DNA. For me, this type of personalised healthcare is the way forward. If you have an interest in genetics and aren’t afraid of a bit scientific detail (and there’s a lot!), I think you’ll get a lot from these kits.

Andrew, Carlisle, UK


I’ve struggled with skin problems my whole life, so I thought I would give the Derma test a try. I have to say that I learnt a lot about how my genes affect my skin and what I can do to give myself a better chance of healthy skin. I think these tests are a good option in addition to professional advice from a dermatologist or doctor, but not something to replace them altogether.

Overall, I was impressed with what I got. The kits are pretty smart and easy to use and the results came within the time expected (a bit longer for me as I live in the US and the company is based in Europe). So no complaints from me.

Sandy, Boston, USA

Personalised diet advice

If you want some advice on diet and food it can be hard to know where to go. Some people say try this method, other people say try that method. So how do you know what to do? That is why I took the chance with this Nutri test. I want to know exactly what my body needs. Now I know everything about my DNA, nutrient levels, deficiencies and what foods I am sensitive. So now I have a diet plan just for me!

Lilly, Malmo, Sweden

Good but quite expensive

I think these tests are maybe more expensive than other options, but I think this is because they are more ‘specialised’ than others. If you want a more ‘general’ view maybe this is not for you, but if you want detail on one subject (dental, vision, nutrition, and so) I think Chromozoom is the right choice.

Sara, Den Haag, Netherlands

Thumbs up!

Definitely worth the higher price if you are keen to learn something new about yourself. But beware, you might not like everything you learn!

Christoffer, Copenhagen, Denmark

The most detailed tests on the market

Chromozoom claim to offer the most detailed DNA tests on the market. I haven’t tried every test available, but judging by the results and associated information, you’d be hard pressed to disagree. To be honest, some of the information went over my head a bit, but overall it was very detailed, interesting and informative.

Roger, Portsmouth, UK

Worth the wait

Really good DNA tests covering a range of health areas. The whole process takes quite a while (delivery, sampling, processing…) but if would say it’s worth the wait. Probably no different from other tests anyway.

Darragh, Belfast, UK


We all want healthy, glowing skin. But throughout our lives, the skin is exposed to the full force of damaging elements. Thankfully, it’s never too late to take positive steps to protect your skin. This test analyses 300+ genetic markers within 270 genes linked to skin health.