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Make the right choices for your health and fine-tune your lifestyle with our life-changing DNA TESTS. Let us guide you on an exciting journey from what you are to what you can be.

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Learn about your genetic predispositions and receive professional advice. Discover the true potential of your body, and how best to reach it.



Learn what your body needs through detailed DNA analysis within genes linked to taste and nutrition.

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Gain unparalleled insights into your body’s physical capabilities, helping you to realise your true sporting potential.

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Learn about your predispositions to common skin conditions, take steps to ensure healthy, glowing skin.

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Safeguard your sight before the first symptoms of disease appear, and receive personalised eyecare advice help.

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Stop experimenting with cosmetic products and get detailed, personalised skin-care advice.

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Protect that winning smile with this DNA test, designed to help you take care of your teeth.

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Welcome to a world of personalised advice,

lifestyle recommendations, and experiences – all based on your genes. Chromozoom will guide you to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle.

DNA tests

Understand your body and learn everything about your genes. Take full control of your health, nutrition and physical activity.

Improve the quality of your life with personalised recommendations. Live a better, healthier life with Chromozoom as your guide.


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Genetics and lifestyle

Most of our physiological functions are influenced by a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. In other words, the way your genes act depends on outside influences. This is great news, because while you can’t change the way you were made, you can change the way you live.

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User reviews

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Personalised diet advice

If you want some advice on diet and food it can be hard to know where to go. Some people say try this method, other people say try that method. So how do you know what to do? That is why I took the chance with this Nutri test. I want to know exactly what my body needs. Now I know everything about my DNA, nutrient levels, deficiencies and what foods I am sensitive. So now I have a diet plan just for me!

Lilly, Malmo, Sweden

Good but quite expensive

I think these tests are maybe more expensive than other options, but I think this is because they are more ‘specialised’ than others. If you want a more ‘general’ view maybe this is not for you, but if you want detail on one subject (dental, vision, nutrition, and so) I think Chromozoom is the right choice.

Sara, Den Haag, Netherlands

Thumbs up!

Definitely worth the higher price if you are keen to learn something new about yourself. But beware, you might not like everything you learn!

Christoffer, Copenhagen, Denmark

The most detailed tests on the market

Chromozoom claim to offer the most detailed DNA tests on the market. I haven’t tried every test available, but judging by the results and associated information, you’d be hard pressed to disagree. To be honest, some of the information went over my head a bit, but overall it was very detailed, interesting and informative.

Roger, Portsmouth, UK

Worth the wait

Really good DNA tests covering a range of health areas. The whole process takes quite a while (delivery, sampling, processing…) but if would say it’s worth the wait. Probably no different from other tests anyway.

Darragh, Belfast, UK


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