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  • Tested genes: 181
  • polymorphisms: 303

Are you aware of any food intolerances? Is your weight stable? As no two people are the same, the only way to understand your body is to decode its secrets via the most precise and detailed DNA test on the market, analysing 300+ genetic markers within almost 200 genes linked to taste and nutrition.

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Meet your best self

Meet your best self

Receive personalised nutritional advice based on your unique genetic makeup, and learn about the foods you need for an optimal diet and healthy digestion.

All you need is here

All you need is here

Your test reports are continuously updated based on your lifestyle changes. All information is presented in easy-to-read graphical displays via your personal Control Centre.

Continously updated results

Continously updated results

In your Chromozoom Control Centre, you have access to detailed analysis of your DNA results, which we continuously update in line with the latest scientific studies.

Tailor-made for you

Tailor-made for you

Receive personalised lifestyle recommendations based on your DNA analysis. Thanks to the wide range of genes we test, your recommendations will be truly unique.

Dive in your DNA

Dive in your DNA

Our Nutri DNA Test provides you with 90 genetic reports connected to nutrition, optimal diet, food intolerances, and much more.

Feel better now

Feel better now

Your DNA will be tested for potential deficiencies, metabolic problems, and the diverse effects of vitamins (A, D, E, C, B2, B6, B9, B12), choline, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

Still not sure?

Still not sure?

The comprehensive Nutri test reveals potential sensitivities to alcohol, coffee, fructose, gluten, histamine, lactose, milk and sugar.

There is just one optimal diet

There is just one optimal diet

The one based on your Nutri DNA Test results. You will receive dietary recommendations to help you manage your weight, meet your antioxidant requirements, and maintain healthy blood and cholesterol levels.

Your privacy is untouchable

Your privacy is untouchable

We guarantee your privacy and data protection in full compliance with GDPR.

We are transparent about the data we collect, store, and use.

To ensure unbreakable anonymity, all personal data is stored separately from your genetic profile.

As a result, no team member can connect you to your DNA sample during the analysis process.

Top level data protection

Top level data protection

We use the latest technologies to prevent and report on data breaches and network attacks.

With real-time data scanning, our system evaluates risks and notifies network administrators about potential issues.

That is why we can guarantee the highest level of privacy, reliability, integrity and data availability for our clients.

Always available

Always available

Our applications are configured across many geographically distributed data centres.

This reduces the risk of both data breaches and technical issues, from uncomfortable slowdowns to momentary unavailability.

Ensuring that your data is always secure and available is our top priority.

No third party sharing

No third party sharing

In cases where we use third-party services that may need access to your personal data.

For example courier companies, we follow a rigorous selection process, ensuring that they comply with strict data protection regulations.

We do not sell, lease, or share client data with any third parties.

Any and all personal data can be destroyed on request.

Reports included in this DNA test:

  • 01

    Gluten sensitivity

    Some people simply can't tolerate this gluey, chewy protein in bread. If this is you, chances are you’ll test negative for celiac disease. Identifying gluten sensitivity is tricky, partly because your body may suffer a delayed reaction. Perhaps that’s why up to 97% of cases of gluten sensitivity go undiagnosed. Take our DNA test to find out if you’re genetically at risk from gluten, and explore strategies to protect your gut health.

    • Tested genes: 3
    • Tested polymorphisms: 3
  • 02

    Lactose sensitivity

    Do creamy desserts or other milk-based foods give your bloating, cramping and wind? The milk sugar in such foods could be the problem. Many Europeans have a gene that allows them to digest milk sugar (lactose) into later life. But some people lack this gene – especially if they are of East Asian, West African, Arab, Jewish, Greek, or Italian descent.

    Test your DNA to find out if it’s milk sugar that’s bothering you and if so, what can you do about it. In this product we also test your susceptibility to an allergy to the proteins in milk.

    • Tested genes: 1
    • Tested polymorphisms: 6
  • 03

    Peanut allergy

    Peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies in children. This life-threatening allergy used to be considered a lifelong condition but it’s emerging that some children do grow out of their peanut allergy. Are you and your family members particularly at risk of getting a peanut allergy? And if so, what preventive action can you take now to protect your health in years to come.

    • Tested genes: 2
    • Tested polymorphisms: 2
  • 04

    Sugar sensitivity

    Whole aisles in the supermarket are devoted to sugary treats, such as puddings, milkshakes, cakes, fruit juice drinks, dark chocolate, and cereals. But how much table sugar (sucrose) can your body také? Could a typical British shopping basket supply you enough sucrose to knock your blood glucose out of whack? In this test we look for SNPs that may protect you from blood glucose spikes (and the rebound drop in blood glucose), after eating carbohydrates. Discover your sucrose risk-rating and what you can do about it.

    • Tested genes: 2
    • Tested polymorphisms: 2
  • 05

    Histamine intolerance

    Have you noticed that you get a headache, stuffy nose or a rash after drinking red wine? One possible cause is an overreaction to the naturally-occurring histamines in red wine. Can you safely indulge in high-histamine foods such as aged cheeses, and fermented foods including the health drink kombucha? Explore what your genes say about your histamine tolerance.

    • Tested genes: 1
    • Tested polymorphisms: 3
  • 06

    Fructose sensitivity

    Does eating too much fruits and soft drinks give you stomach ache, flatulence or diarrhoea? These high fructose foods contain a simple fruit sugar that’s now a popular commercial sweetener. Fructose is under the medical spotlight because dietary intakes have increased tenfold since the 1970s, and are linked to diabetes. So how well equipped is your body to handle high fructose loads? Take this DNA test to discover how likely you are to get side effects and what you can do.

    • Tested genes: 1
    • Tested polymorphisms: 5
  • 07

    Milk allergy

    Milk allergy happens when your immune system overreacts to the proteins in dairy products. Find out your risk rating for milk allergy and explore practical advice for your diet. In Nutri, we also test your susceptibility to lactose (milk sugar) allergy too.

    • Tested genes: 2
    • Tested polymorphisms: 2
  • 08

    Weight management

    Isn’t it time to evolve beyond mere calorie counting? Understanding your genes could be a real weight off your mind, as you discover your own way to achieve your optimum weight. Ever wondered why some people do better on a high-carb diet (particularly complex carbs), why others must cut out certain fats, and why a third group can slim down on diets rich in nuts, avocados and olive oil?

    You know the answer already – nature loves variety. Your body is unique. So discover how you can look, feel and actually be lighter.

    • Tested genes: 44
    • Tested polymorphisms: 49
  • 09

    Blood lipids (Cholesterol)

    Take the doubt, guilt and indecision out of feeding your heart. For some people, eating more nuts improves their blood lipid profile, for others salmon and mackerel are the best food medicines. While for anyone sensitive to saturates, cutting out fried food is a must. We analyse the effects of different fats on your cardiovascular system, and we also predict which antioxidant will best help you rebalance your blood lipids and soothe enflamed blood vessels

    • Tested genes: 116
    • Tested polymorphisms: 133
  • 10


    This report is again about heart health, and which kinds of fat you, personally, should be limiting. When we digest fats, they are absorbed and turned into simple fats called triglycerides. We all have these floating around in our bloodstream, attached to special transporter molecules. Some people are genetically prone to having high triglycerides (linked to clogged arteries) but only if they eat too much of certain types of fat. So which fats should YOU avoid? Test yourself to discover whether to go easy on the bacon grease, the olive oil or other vegetable oils.

    • Tested genes: 10
    • Tested polymorphisms: 15
  • 11

    Blood sugars

    Should you go for a high-fat, low-carb diet? Or would the reverse suit you, personally? The answer to that lies largely in your genes. Eat right for your genotype and you might even stop diabetes in its tracks. In this report, we’ll explore which nutrients, diets and foods could help regulate your blood glucose levels. And if you already have diabetes, then read on – we will suggest foods to help you manage your blood glucose and so prevent complications arising in future.

    • Tested genes: 57
    • Tested polymorphisms: 61
  • 12

    Blood pressure

    Does high blood pressure run in your family? If you lower your blood pressure, your heart, your eyes and your kidneys will thank you for it. Aside regular exercise and managing your weight, it’s a good idea to avoid trigger foods. Coffee, salty foods and fried foods may all cause blood pressure spikes, depending on your genes. In this report, we flag up possible dietary weak spots, based on your genetic profile, and suggest ways you can defend yourself against high blood pressure.

    • Tested genes: 9
    • Tested polymorphisms: 10
  • 13


    Although there are official target intakes for every vitamin, designed to suit 97.5% of the population, many people are walking around with subclinical deficiencies in nutrients without realising it. So if you could predict which vitamins you’re liable to run low on, surely you’d want to top up your levels to see if you looked and felt better?

    For genetic reasons your body may need more than the standard amount of a particular vitamin. Perhaps your body has trouble absorbing the nutrient, transporting it to where it’s needed, or turning it into the active form used by cells.

    We’ll test your DNA for polymorphism linked to nine key vitamins, giving you tips on how to boost your intake – whether through diet or supplements.

    • Tested genes: 44
    • Tested polymorphisms: 73
  • 14

    Minerals and trace elements

    Trace elements form a crucial part of proteins and enzymes – they make sure the body’s biochemistry works correctly and at the speed required. We will test your DNA for variations linked to shortages of six trace elements. These elements include magnesium, iron and zinc – crucial for joining up proteins, fatty acids and vitamins.

    As with vitamins, your body’s ability to get enough of a particular trace element maybe hampered by barriers to absorption, and proper transport. And for the affected nutrients, we suggest ways you can boost your levels, and so enhance your well-being.

    • Tested genes: 18
    • Tested polymorphisms: 22
  • 15

    Fighting inflammation

    Many chronic diseases – including obesity – it’s emerging are linked to underlying inflammation. And oxidative stress from toxic chemicals, UV light and so on tends to worsen inflammation. In contrast, antioxidants support the body in fighting oxidative stress, and so can help to nip inflammation in the bud.

    We have tested your DNA for variations linked to how well your body uses six key antioxidants – monounsaturated fats, omega 3s, quercetin, vitamin D, E and zinc. In this report, you'll discover which antioxidants could be your most powerful allies in reducing inflammation, and how they can help you protect your wellbeing now and for years to come.

    • Tested genes: 6
    • Tested polymorphisms: 13

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User reviews

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Futureproof yourself!

The test I chose (Beauty) showed me exactly what my risk is of getting various skin condition and how my fast my skin will naturally age. In addition to the genetic stuff you also get plenty of tips on how to ‘future-proof’ your skin against the aging process. I had no idea how big an impact diet and other lifestyle choices can have on the way we age! Soooo I guess I need to make some changes now.

Rebecca, Leicester, UK

Slight delay

I was told my test is delayed due to ‘unusually high demand’ but thankfully it only took maybe a week longer than I expected. At least they let me know!

Anders, Lund, Sweden

Health care from the future!

Wow, I never knew you could tell so much from a bit of saliva! Really fascinating insights into the causes of skin problems and aging and how both our genetics and lifestyle can affect them. Also some really useful suggestions for finding the right cosmetic products and even some ideas for home remedies. It’s all very futuristic and scientific in its approach. You certainly won’t get this kind of personalised advice from a doctor!

Anna, Dundee, Scotland

Nice DNA test

Test is good but my results were taking maybe 5 weeks for arrival. But I am happy with results.

Pirjo, Helsinki, Finland

Thoroughly recommended

Being a fitness enthusiast, I was keen to take the Sport test and see what I could learn. The kit arrived fairly quickly and contained all the details and equipment you need to take your sample and return it. When the results finally arrive, I was pleasantly surprised with the detail and scientific approach. The reports look nice and are easy to navigate and they even update your results as scientific knowledge expands. I might try the nutritional test next…

Andrew, London, UK

One for the geeks

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to DNA testing and the potential it has to change our lives. These Chromozoom kits (in my case the Nutri kit) seem to offer something a bit different from competitors in that they focus on the here and now. It’s all about changing your lifestyle for the better based on the information in your DNA. For me, this type of personalised healthcare is the way forward. If you have an interest in genetics and aren’t afraid of a bit scientific detail (and there’s a lot!), I think you’ll get a lot from these kits.

Andrew, Carlisle, UK


I’ve struggled with skin problems my whole life, so I thought I would give the Derma test a try. I have to say that I learnt a lot about how my genes affect my skin and what I can do to give myself a better chance of healthy skin. I think these tests are a good option in addition to professional advice from a dermatologist or doctor, but not something to replace them altogether.

Overall, I was impressed with what I got. The kits are pretty smart and easy to use and the results came within the time expected (a bit longer for me as I live in the US and the company is based in Europe). So no complaints from me.

Sandy, Boston, USA

Personalised diet advice

If you want some advice on diet and food it can be hard to know where to go. Some people say try this method, other people say try that method. So how do you know what to do? That is why I took the chance with this Nutri test. I want to know exactly what my body needs. Now I know everything about my DNA, nutrient levels, deficiencies and what foods I am sensitive. So now I have a diet plan just for me!

Lilly, Malmo, Sweden

Good but quite expensive

I think these tests are maybe more expensive than other options, but I think this is because they are more ‘specialised’ than others. If you want a more ‘general’ view maybe this is not for you, but if you want detail on one subject (dental, vision, nutrition, and so) I think Chromozoom is the right choice.

Sara, Den Haag, Netherlands

Thumbs up!

Definitely worth the higher price if you are keen to learn something new about yourself. But beware, you might not like everything you learn!

Christoffer, Copenhagen, Denmark

The most detailed tests on the market

Chromozoom claim to offer the most detailed DNA tests on the market. I haven’t tried every test available, but judging by the results and associated information, you’d be hard pressed to disagree. To be honest, some of the information went over my head a bit, but overall it was very detailed, interesting and informative.

Roger, Portsmouth, UK

Worth the wait

Really good DNA tests covering a range of health areas. The whole process takes quite a while (delivery, sampling, processing…) but if would say it’s worth the wait. Probably no different from other tests anyway.

Darragh, Belfast, UK


Are you aware of any food intolerances? Is your weight stable? As no two people are the same, the only way to understand your body is to decode its secrets via the most precise and detailed DNA test on the market, analysing 300+ genetic markers within almost 200 genes linked to taste and nutrition.